A Frozen Pool

Just about a year ago I stumbled upon a frozen pool on a very frosty and foggy day. It was not too far from home and only a stones throw from a road. Even though close to road it had sense of isolation and gloom. For me a pleasant surprise, the location and prevailing weather conditions presented some useful opportunities and I made as good a use of them while they existed. I am particularly attracted to winter colour, very muted.

It has taken me a year to decide whether or not the images would be worthy of displaying as a standalone gallery within my web site. I was pleased with the images but unsure as to whether or not they would appeal to non-photographers. By chance I posted one on Twitter and was pleasantly surprised by the positive responses to that image. So I decided to take the plunge.

It would be useful if I can go back there when similar conditions occur to see if I can improve on the images I captured last year.

I hope you will have a look but in the meantime here are a couple of those images.......