Time Passes

Since finishing our final event at the beginning of December last year much water has flowed under the bridge but I have had time to reflect on my decision to change direction and I have to say no regrets have surfaced. I never thought adjusting to full retirement would be so difficult but actually things are going quite nicely.


Finally last week I picked up my camera for a couple of sessions on the beach at Aldeburgh in Suffolk, evening and daybreak. Aldeburgh seldom fails to please and last week was no exception. I have read other landscape photographers say just how much being behind the camera takes their mind off just about everything else and I must concur with that. For a few brief hours I was alone with the light, weather and my camera and I made best use I could of what lay before me. Nothing spectacular but I do enjoy the soft tones before sunrise and after sunset. Aldeburgh is perfectly situated facing east to capture the best of the pre-dawn light.


Where i was on the beach the air was clear but a short distance to the south mist was starting to play around the buildings there, quite captivating as I watched, especially when the sun managed to illuminate parts of the scene.


There are more images from my Aldeburgh trip within ‘Selected’ gallery

Not sure yet what my next outing will be….I am sure something will arise.

Of course as I am finished attending events I do still have some stock available and if anyone has any interest in acquiring an individual item or a wholesale consideration please do get in touch.

Finally I think it is more than likely that I will close this web site before the end of the year. Time will tell.