All Good Things Must Come to an End........

I have written previously about the benefits of scouting a new area before shooting. A case in point was a recent trip to Suffolk. I wanted some early Autumn mist at dawn on and around heathland. Such areas exist in Suffolk. Having decided the area I waited for the right signs from the forecast. Then I picked my date and booked somewhere local to stay. Of course by the evening before dawn the forecast no longer had any mention of mist. This is where my instinct kicked in; high pressure, clear skies, light winds. I was reasonably comfortable.

My instinct proved to be correct and this coupled to me scouting the area beforehand gave me perhaps one of the best two hours of dawn photography For many years. Mist, nice light (although being very picky I could have done with a bit more pink in the pre-sunrise sky). The changing light and drifting mist gave me no end of possibilities and I was delighted with my work, some of which will be available at the two shows we have coming up.

We are rapidly approaching our last two events of 2018, namely the ever excellent Essex Craft & Design Show at RHS Hyde Hall Gardens over consecutive weekends , 30th November to 2nd December and 7th to 9th December. Open each day 1000 - 1500.

As I always have done there will be new work and some archive never previously printed on sale.


So..…what is coming to an end? Well we have taken the decision to cease exhibiting and displaying after these two events so in all probability come Sunday 9th December that will be it. A sad day but I think it is time to put away the easels and hang up our browsers. Why you may ask; well the time feels right. I will not be ceasing photography though and my web site will remain active as will be my stock on Alamy.


We have had some not-so-good times exhibiting but these are greatly outweighed by the good times, most of which have been at Essex Craft & Design events run so professionally by Jan and Dave who work so hard to make their events a pleasure for visitors and artists. I am sure they will go on for years. A big thank you to them for putting up with us, having first exhibited in Rayleigh, October 2009.

If you wish to pre-order any image from the web site please let me know no later than Sunday 25th November to ensure your print available for collection from me at Hyde Hall.

Elaine and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at Hyde Hall in November and December but if not to those who have given us so much support over the years, thank you very much.