Sometimes Photography Has To Take a Back Seat

My love of photography had until last year almost totally absorbed my life with little time for anything else; I worked on the premise that one only achieves anything through hard work. Well I still believe that but then life can take unexpected turns which can and, in my case did, turn things upside down. So it became necessary to focus on what really was important and as a result not only did my photography have to take a back seat but I came close to falling out of love with it. Fortunately time heals and gradually my mojo is returning.


One consequence was me having to pull out of The Essex Craft and Design Show at the beginning of May. Sorry to those of you who may have become used to seeing my work at these events.

Now I must give my attention to what will be my biggest ever event and one which I have long hoped I could be part of, namely the RHS Flower Show at Hyde Hall Gardens from Wednesday 1st August to Sunday 5th August, 1000 - 1700 daily.

I did not abandon my cameras completely and indeed a weather event I had long hoped for occurred in February and March, snow in Southend. Not the usual few flakes but by Essex standards a good dollop. In my minds eye I had always visualised beach huts in snow and so it came to pass. So successful were my outings in the snow-when it was at its heaviest-that I think about 5 images made it to various national newspapers. I really do enjoy it when a plan comes together and this time serendipity really did smile on me. 


A quick trip to Danbury Common in the snow was going so well until I fell in to a hole that the snow had covered. Mind you I did get the picture I was after immediately before having to beat a painful retreat. 


Much of my time has been spent back in my home town of Macclesfield but with little thought of photography although a couple of weeks ago I dusted off my Infrared camera and made use of it in the wonderful surroundings of Wildboarclough, I just wish I had had more time. Alas.


As an aside I did dabble with some photo restoration, something I had never attempted before; the picture below was taken around 1927 and is of my father and his 5 brothers, Dad being the youngest and only surviving brother. He turns 93 next month. The original picture measured about 3 x 2 inches, was badly cracked and flawed but a few hours of restorative work produced a much sharper and larger image. I was quite pleased with my efforts.


Anyway, that is it for now. Elaine and I are very much looking forward to the Garden Show and hope very much to see you there.